Digital Loans

Digital Loans

Digital loans (lending library)

What is the Digital Lending Library?

Our new Digital Lending Library launched in September 2022 and provides access to kit including:

  • Samsung Tablets which are available for organisation project loans/ loans to individuals for home use
  • Chromebooks which are available for organisation project loans/ loans to individuals for home use
  • Wi-Fi enabled Windows laptops for use within the lending organisation premises only

Who is it for?

Applications should be made for individuals and user groups who do not already have access to either a digital device or data connectivity.

We provide devices as project loans for initial periods of 2 months or loans to individuals known to the organisation for an initial period of 3 weeks. 

We will ask for some information relating to the intended use for the device as part of the application process and for the issuing organisation to ensure that evaluation surveys are completed at various points during the loan.

How does my organisation access the lending library?

Your organisation must first join as a corporate member of the library by completing the online form below. Please read the digital device loan agreement for organisations and digital device loan agreement for individuals before completeing the online application form as you will be asked to confirm whether you are happy with the agreements during the application process.

The documents refer to an Acceptable Use Policy which can also be accessed below.

Organisations can borrow sets of devices for project loans or refer an individual known to them, with a need for either a digital device or data connectivity (or both).

Bolton Digital Lending Library Explainer 

Bolton Digital Lending Library organisation agreement 

Bolton Digital Lending Library individual agremeent 

Bolton Library and Museum Services Digital Acceptable Use Policy 

The process for loans to organisations and individuals is outlined in the image below. For further information regarding the Digital Lending Library please email


Digital loans infographic

How do people we loan devices to who need further digital skills support get help?

Bolton Library and Museum Services and DES provide free Digital One to Ones across their library network plus Digital Drop-Ins at selected libraries. Please see the Digital Help page for further details.

What about digital needs of the individuals we work with after the loan?

People who meet certain criteria can access the National Databank to receive free data for a period of time.

We are developing a partnership with Recycle-IT who are a Bolton based CIC, to support them to refurbish unused phones, tablets, laptops and PCs to distribute back to the community. If you would like to find out more about Recycle-IT please email

We are a company who would like to donate digital devices, help facilitate outreach or offer support. How do we get involved?

Send us an email at and we’ll get in touch.

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